Vix Anderton

Multi-potentialite: someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

  entrepreneur - life coach - mentor - facilitator - consultant


My Latest Project

Human beings aren’t meant to operate like machines — at high speeds, continuously, for long periods.  We have natural rhythms that influence our energy throughout the day and throughout the year.  By having a balance of activities - mental, physical, creative, social and spiritual - as well as time for reflection and rest, we can look after our bodies, our minds, our environments, and our souls, and cultivate the sense of purpose and autonomy we need to thrive. 

I founded The Practical Balance to help give people the information and tools they need to develop the skills to navigate life's ups and downs.  We guide people through setting values-based intentions, how to make the most of every day, and how to plan their week to make the most of their energy.  Get clear on big goals, the small steps to get there AND how to enjoy the journey.



As a life coach and yoga teacher, I help people who feel frustrated, disorganised or overwhelmed, like they have untapped potential, stuck in a rut, or are going round in circles live balanced and fulfilled lives.  People who work with me learn how to recognise what is good enough, how to take the small steps towards big goals, and to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving them.

Drawing on nearly fifteen years' experience of working in the military, project management, and operations, I can help you get stuff done.    I have gone through two major career transitions so I have first-hand experience of figuring out a new direction in life and making my dreams a reality.  I have been practising yoga for ten years and believe in the importance of looking after your mind, body, environment and soul.


What my clients say

Vix is really easy to talk to and an excellent listener; she really heard what I had to say and constructively challenged me. I now understand my negative thinking patterns, their triggers and have solutions on how to stop it – I have really seen a difference!
— Natasha, Project Manager
Coaching with Vix feels supportive and personalised and I always come away feeling energised; it has given me more confidence.
— Tess, Operations Director
Vix makes great use of each session employing a varied set of tools and approaches, and incorporating a healthy dose of much needed perspective when required. I have left every session feeling motivated, supported and genuinely excited about my future.
— Alex, Strategy Consultant

Some of the organisations I work with


I love to connect with people who are passionate and curious about the same things I am.

Topics I talk on include gender equality, women in the military, gender and conflict, career transition, what it's like to be self-employed and have a portfolio career, planning, developing good habits, and challenging negative thinking.



I help make organisations more effective, diverse and inclusive.

I am an independent inclusive leadership and gender specialist with expertise in women, peace and security.  As a former Royal Air Force Intelligence officer, I have an inside understanding of gender and diversity in the military and conflict-affected states; I have been published in several peer-reviewed journals on the UK’s internal women, peace and security programming and policy.

Skills and Services

  • Diversity diagnostics and assessments
  • Gender issues in security, defence, & development programmes

  • Quantitative and qualitative research

  • Project planning, implementation and evaluation

  • Operations management

  • Risk management
  • Training and facilitation